Could you take on the Zombie Survival escape route ?

Experience the drama and excitement of escaping from  a horde of zombies.
Could you negotiate the escape route and make it back to the quarantined safety zone?

A brand new concept for this year's Zombie Survival Run, even more excitement, fun and realism to what is probably the UK's best Zombie themed run.

5km of adrenaline filled fun. An escape route full of surprises
Can you make it to the end and earn the Ultimate Survivor status ?

Great new venue for an even better Zombie Survival experience

17th October 2015- Marbury Country Park (Cheshire)

Zombie Survival - teamwork gets us through

Experience the Ultimate Zombie Survival Run

From the moment you arrive you will be engrossed in the drama and theatre built within the Zombie Survival – run for your life!!!

Zombies lying in wait ready to appear when you least expect it.
You need to stay alert, you don’t know where the zombies may be hiding!

Zombies are devious. They will try to slow you down, tire you out and attack when you’re most vulnerable.

Can you outwit them ?

Try to avoid capture, run in a group, run tactically and if necessary sacrifice another competitor so that you can escape. Careful though, others around you may have the same idea!

Zombie Survival Run - the ultimate Zombie Survival experience

ZOMBIE SURVIVAL - run for your life!!!

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